Several months back, I was asked by Treehouse Co-Living to be part of a video highlighting kindness and the power of community in Los Angeles.

For everyone wanting to tap into the arts scene here, what you learn very quickly is that creating and hustling your art is only one part of the climb. The rest has everything to do with the people on this ladder with you, giving you a hand and lifting you up with them as they journey in moving their own mountains.

So on that note, thank you to Treehouse and Apparently Jack for including me, and producing a video telling the real stories of true community here in Los Angeles. If you ask me what Iā€™m most grateful for, community is neck and neck with the gift of a paint brush, a spray can, or anything that allows me to do what I love, because it is just as much a tool, and a true joy.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwAkPYx0Eo...